Saturday, January 25, 2014

ATK LW25 Cannon

Light Weight 25mm
LW25 Weapon

ATK's LW25 is a 25mmx59 caliber externally driven electric cannon.

It's total weight of 30.8kg makes it an attractive alternative to M2 .50cal (38kg) machine gun and Mk19 40mm (31kg) grenade launcher for Remote Weapon Station applications.

LW25 on Saab's Trackfire RWS

From ATK's website, the features are listed as:

Dual-feed system. The dual-feed system provides the user the flexibility to select between two types of ammunition, depending on the threat situation and desired lethality. This affords options when faced with difficult rules of engagement that require quick transition between a lethal and nonlethal response. Next-round-select capability enables users to switch between the two feeds, with the next round fired being the newly selected ammunition.

Increased lethality. The LW25 includes a robust family of ammunition that is compatible with ATK’s Programmable Air-burst Munition technology. The PABM round greatly enhances lethality over current legacy weapon systems with its ability to defeat troops in defilade. The LW25 offers a dramatic increase in lethality over the current M2 .50 caliber, M240 7.62mm, and Mk19 40mm Grenade Machine Gun.

High reliability. Due to its externally powered electric, chain-driven design, the system has a mean rounds between stoppages in excess of 35,000 rounds. This allows for prolonged use in diverse applications and difficult environments where performance and sustained firepower are crucial. Sluggish performance and constant stoppages are a thing of the past.

Remote or manned operation. Also due to its externally powered chain-driven action, the gun can be fired remotely from weapon stations while the crew remains protected and under armor, without the need for charging and manually clearing stoppages. This is particularly important for applications such as MRAP, where gun access and system reliability demand such flexibility. The gun system has been integrated and fired from the Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station and can be employed in manned applications on ground, naval and helicopter aviation platforms.

Compact lightweight system. The LW25 is a compact and lightweight design based on the highly successful Bushmaster family of Chain Guns. This combat-proven design allows for ease of use and leverages more than 25 years of engineering expertise. The LW25 is ideal for lightweight applications currently limited to gas-operated guns.


sarah lee said...

The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another. See the link below for more info.


Anonymous said...

25x59mm...Is that the same 25x59mm caliber as used in the XM307 ACSW and Barrett XM109 weapons?