Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Blast from the Past: Expeditionary Tank

Blast from the Past:

Teledyne Expeditionary Tank

Another contender in the US Army's search for the Airborne Light Tank. At the time airborne equals to C130 cargo aircraft transportability and air dropping.

It was 19tons combat loaded and was two tonnes heavier than the winner of the competition FMC's CCVL. CCVL then evolves into M8 Armored Gun System which was later cancelled by the Army. But M8 is by itself another subject.

By the way, any body recognizes the turret? Hint: M1128...

Styrker Mobile Gun System:



El Historico said...

I bet the ground troops in Iraq would have loved to have the tracked Teledyne Expeditionary Tank over the peace of crap wheeled Mobile Gun Sytem. Those tracks would do wonders for its mobility. Its shame that the military breaucracy is filled with a bunch of weapon fashionistas.

paratrooper629 said...

Agreed! I am extremely confident BAE upgraded M8 GAS will be selected for the MPF.

paratrooper629 said...

AGS not gas.