Sunday, January 19, 2014

Turreted Mortars

  Are they the future of Mobile Fire Support?

Imagine an IFV armed with a weapon that is automatically loaded, can reach 10km's away, can fire in 360 degrees arc, send 16 rounds that impact at the same time on a target and keep firing 14 rounds a minute. The IFV that is equipped with this turret can also be employed in  a direct fire as well as indirect.

This is the Turreted Mortar:

Sounds very interesting right? However these weapon systems somehow does not get the worth they deserve.

I believe turreted mortars have more advantages when compared with towed mortars or even vehicle mounted systems like M106 (M113 derivative) or M1129 (Stryker 8x8 derivative). Direct fire is one important capability that the others lack. Quick firing is another. And you also get the Crew Protection where M1129 likes do not have.

M1129 Stryker Mortar Carrier

Patria Nemo 120mm Turreted Mortar System

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