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Infantry Fighting Vehicles IFVs


A look at the prominent vehicles in inventories worldwide...


Combat Vehicle 90, CV90 is arguably if not the best, one of the top three IFV types in the world today.

The one shown here is the Dutch variant, CV9035 armed with a Bushmaster III 35mm autocannon that has a lethality one step ahead of the competition.


Spz Puma is the German Army, Bundeswehr's new generation IFV that is entering service.

Latest example of fine German engineering, Puma delivers a good combination of protection, firepower and mobility. It is equipped with an unmanned turret armed with Mk30-ABM 30mm autocannon.


Although a product of the 80's, constant upgrades still kept Bradley one of the finest.

With the latest update package, M2A3 BUSK (Bradley Urban Survivability Kit), it is now a keen city fighter as well. Bradley also distinguishes itself with its proven battle record from 1991 Desert Storm to Kosova and Iraq in 21st century.

The only drawback in today's battlefields would be the 25mm Bushmaster, which although is an excellent weapon, might be a little on the lighter side considering the increasing protection levels.


Korean K21 Next Generation IFV is beginning to enter Korean Army service.

It is one of the newest vehicles with the development effort began in 1999. Its 25 tons combat weight is propelled by a 740HP diesel engine.

The turret has a highly effective fire control system that enables the large 40mm autocannon to fire at moving targets from the moving vehicle with a high accuracy.

ZBD-08 ( WZ502G)

China's latest IFV is the ZBD-08 or WZ502G. It is an updates version of the ZBD-04. The vehicle has its origins from the Russian BMP3, however the chassis is widely changed with the powerpack in the front and squad compartment at the back.

The turret is still the BMP3 turret with a 100mm cannon and 30mm autocannon.


Like the Bradley, another vehicle from the Cold War. It's been upgraded from its service entry of 1987.

The vehicle is prominent in terms of its firepower consisting of 100mm 2A70 rifledgun that can fire conventional shells or 9M117 ATGM's; 2A72 30mm dual-feed autocannon and a 7.62mm PKT machinegun in the turret; plus two more 7.62mm PKT's in the bow.

The vehicle serves in 11 countries armed services worldwide making it the most widely used modern IFV.

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