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CV9035 Afghanistan and some experiences

CV9035 MkIII
Experiences from Afghanistan

 I've been surfing thru Military Photos ( and came across a thread on Danish CV9035 MkIII IFV's and some interesting remarks on Afghanistan.

An Interesting remark on terrain in Afghanistan:

"The terrain in Helmand is very...VERY... rough. We had a couple of Piranha's that got stuck in some ditches. We had to get EOD to blast the front wheel free from the chassis using explosives.

The M113's are much more suited for the terrain.

CV9035 35mm HEI rounds comparison:

Shell Mass (HEI)
25x127mm : 185g (Bradley, LAV 25 etc.)
30x173mm : 360g (EFV, Puma, CV9030 etc.)
35x228mm : 550g (CV9035)  

Remarks from a CV9035 DK gunner:

"Well i have confirmed hits of over 3000+ meters.. And another guy in our company have even better than me =) and that was during moving.....

We have a " smörgåsbord " of ammo..
All from FAP , HE , KETF ...

and I've heard from other sources that the CV9035 with its Bushmaster III 35mm gun has acquired quite a fear in Afghanistan among Taliban. What I've heard confirms the above remarks, such that when a CV9035 appears, the insurgents quickly disappear. Because CV9035 can hit mansize targets at 3.000m.

Danish CV90 fleet in Afghanistan:

The Danish Army has, for the first time, deployed a fleet of ten BAE Systems Hägglunds CV9035 infantry fighting vehicles to Afghanistan.

The deployed vehicles feature several upgrades, including BAE Systems L-ROD bar armour, Barracuda camouflage, and software modifications to the vehicle's computer system to enhance battlefield readiness.

In addition, extra power supply for the electronic counter measures system and an additional IR camera for the driver covering the rear of the vehicle were also included in the upgrades.

The vehicles received major upgrades after their arrival in Camp Bastion, Helmand province, in mid February.

An armoured infantry company of the ninth Danish battlegroup will operate the new fleet of CV9035s to serve with the International Security Assistance Force.

The vehicles will operate alongside tracked M113G3 and wheeled Piranha IIIH armoured personnel carriers, and a platoon of Leopard 2A4 main battle tanks.

Some nice images of Danish CV9035

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Asbjørn Mølgaard said...

Those are not The Danish CV9035

Nicolai Jeppesen said...

the first picture is a dutch cv9035NL
the 2 others are norwegian cv9030NO
you can even see a norwegian flag on one of the pictures