Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Oerlikon 35mm Revolver Cannon

35mm Cannon Story continues:


35mm Revolver Cannon

Our story for 35mm cannon continues with Rheinmetall's - formerly Oerlikon's - 35/1000 Revolver gun.

This gun is mainly used for air defense. THe interesting feature is the Revolver principle:

In most simple terms the principle is basically the same as your old Six Shooter.

The cylinder including the chambers - aka revolver- rotates counter-clock wise, the chamber at 6 o'clock position lines up with the barrel. 35/1000 cannon has 4 chambers in the revolver as shown above.

Another image showing the principle:

The 35/1000 cannon is gas operated with a rate of fire of 1.000 rounds per minute!

35/1000 gun chambers 35x228mm ammunition and uses linkless ammunition.

The gun is the business end of the German SkyShield C-RAM (Counter Rocket/Artillery/Mortar) system. 

Gun data:

Caliber: 35mm
Length: 4.11m
Weight: 450kg

35/1000 gun in the SkyShield Remote Turret has been integrated on a Piranha III, Piranha IV, Boxer vehicles as a mobile air defense vehicle solution.

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