Thursday, April 10, 2014


Snake on Wheels

Hawkei (An Australian Snake) is Thales Australia's new 4x4 armored vehicle developed for the Australian Defense Force's New Light Armored Patrol Vehicle programme - Project 121 Phase 4.

Project 121/4 is  1.1B$ programme to replace the Australian Land Rovers.

Hawkei has an integral monocoque Steel V-hull for increased protection against blasts from mines and IEDs. The floor is of floating type with the seats suspended to increase survivability in case of blast.

Hawkei can be crewed with up to 5 soldiers.

The power pack consists of a Steyr 3.2 liter six cylinder turbocharged engine giving 268HP coupled to a 6 speed ZF transmission. 

Suspension is AxleTech 3000 series fully independent progressive coil spring with double wishbone and outboard planetary reduction hubs.

The vehicle is offered with 3 variants so far.


Border Patrol

Special Forces

The dimensions of the vehicle are below:

Hawkei is a good looking vehicle and as the saying goes "if it looks good...." 

It seems like a good design balancing protection with mobility. 

I can easily visualize Hawkei armed with a medium caliber cannon inside a remote turret blasting in the wilderness.

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