Monday, May 5, 2014

SuperAv 8x8 BAE Systems & Iveco

The Most Exciting/Breath Taking Swimming
I've seen for an 8x8

Watch the video and don't forget to let your breath go at the end...

The SuperAV is a joint project between BAE Systems (US Side) and Italian Iveco.

It is offered for the USMC's MPC programme now called Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV) Phase 1.

"Phase 1 ACV, which would enter service around 2020 (its “Initial Operational Capability” date or IOC). These will be modified versions of an existing US or foreign design, not an all-new vehicle. They’ll also have only limited amphibious capability: enough to cross a river or coastal inlet, but not necessarily enough to move from a ship at sea to the beach on their own power. They will probably have to be carried on some kind of landing craft, at least to within a few miles of a beach. ACV 1 is essentially a re-envisioned and resurrected Marine Personnel Carrier (MPC), a program which was effectively canceled just last year.."

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