Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Eurosatory 2014

ATK's 7.62mm Chaingun is type classified by US Navy!

The 7.62mm Chaingun from now on to be known as Mk52.

I have posted a detailed article on the 7.62mm ChainGun:(http://warfaretech.blogspot.fr/2014/02/762mm-chaingun-from-atk.html)

I found the opportunity to see the weapon first hand.

The gun is even more compact than Ive seen from its photos.

The empty cases are ejected from the front of the barrel. This eliminates an important complexity for turret integration.

The gun does not need a mount in the conventional sense. The clamp to the front reciever is the mount. There goes another complexity for turret integration. It does not require a complex, machined mount with a high manufacturing cost. I dont even consider the weight of the conventional mount.

The barrel can be changed from inside the turret by lowering the bottom part of the reciever thru its hinge.

If ATK can drop the price of the gun to a lower level, I believe we are looking at a must have equipment for a turret or RWS.

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