Friday, July 4, 2014

30mm Cannon vs 12.7mm Machinegun

US Army's "comparative" trials of
Firepower for Strykers:
30mm Autocannon 
12.7mm Machinegun

US Army's Stryker 8x8's has been armed with a remote weapon station (RWS) with a .50cal (12.7mm) M2 machinegun.

Sometime ago I've heard that US Army is considering up-arming the Strykers, or at least a portion of the fleet, with a weapon system that has more bite than the .50cal.

The turret that has been selected for consideration is the Kongsberg's 30mm Remote Turret MCT30 armed with 30mm Mk44 and a 7.62mm machinegun as coax.

The following YouTube video is an excerpt from this effort.

However, it is a little bit funny to even demonstrate the capabilities of such diversely different weapons as the .50cal and 30mm.

I won't even go to the details like muzzle energy or penetration and just will post the image below. One image is worth thousand words as they say...

Here is an image with the Kongsberg turret on Styker:

Here is the video I've mentioned:

As the soldier in the video says:

"Don't bring a knife to a gunfight. That's kind of what this is... Give me a 30mm to fight and it's over!"


Anonymous said...

This is a terrible idea. The Stryker has no need for a gun system that big. The mission of the Stryker is to act as a battlefield shuttle, taking light infantry from one point to another, and then providing support by fire with a .50 or a MK. 19. Adding a 30 MM takes away troop space, and all for what? To engage armored targets? If there are armored targets in the area of your OBJ there shouldn't be Styrkers there, but just in case, you can carry a Javelin detachment. Just wait, nest is going to be "upgraded armor" that's going to add another 5-10 tonnes and totally kill this vehicle.

Anonymous said...

Regardless if the idea is good or not, it's just a big remote weapons station aka super sized CROWS and not a classic turret that take up space inside the vehicle. Extra ammunition on top of the 150 rounds in RWS would take up space if carried inside

More concerned about weight; both in the sense of being top heavy and roll over prone and total weight of the whole vehicle. Might lead to a shorter service life and more maintenance since the platform was not intended to be this heavy.

Anonymous said...

Click the link on the right side on Kongsberg website for a pdf with pictures, including the inside of a vehicle with the MCT30