Monday, July 28, 2014


Blast from the Past:

Light Tank

UDES XX20 Tank Destroyer on Snow

In the beginning of 80's, Swedish Defence Materiel Administration - FMV's Research Group for Direct Fire Combat Vehicles (UDES) began a research/prototype effort for an Articulated Tank Destroyer Light Tank (Thank you Svesen!).

The task of UDES was to collect, process, coordinate and present  feasibility studies in the field of combat vehicle systems.

UDES XX20 Tank Destroyer showing articulation capability

The articulated design allows two separate armored hulls connected with shafts. The front hull houses the 3 crew members and the unmanned 120mm turret.

The rear hull contains the ammunition for the main gun, fuel and powerpack.

The main gun is a 44 caliber Rheinmetall smoothbore 120mm with a Bofors muzzle brake for low recoil.

Engine was a Detroit Diesel with 600HP

UDES XX20 Tank Destroyer Side View - Black & White

The mobility trials showed that 20 tons combat weight is not good for mobility in soft terrain conditions for an articulated vehicle.

UDES XX20 Tank Destroyer on Snow - Color Photograph

UDES XX20 Tank Destroyer Scaled Drawing



Svesen said...

UDES XX 20 was intended as a light tank, not a TD

Warfare Technology said...

Thank you very much for your comments.

Svesen said...

No problem :)