Thursday, February 26, 2015

Solutions for Every Army IDEX'15

In IDEX,  there are solutions in many different complexity levels for everyone.

A good example for contrast is the mortar systems.

Sudanese Vehicle Mounted Mortar System

Here is the Sudanese Vehicle Mounted Mortar:

The traverse drive system in this mortar system is quite simple yet indigenous. 

RUAG Cobra 120mm Mortar System

And here is Ruag's brand new 120mm Cobra Mortar:

  • Two axis electric drive, 
  • INS integrated
  • Auto-loader.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

T40 Two Men Turret from Nexter

Nexter is exhibiting their T40 Two Men Turret on VBCI 8x8. The turret is armed with a CTA 40mm autocannon. 

This turret is selected to form the teeth of Jaguar Reconnaissance vehicle of the French Army. 

VBCI 8x8 with this turret has undergone mobility and fire testing in Qatar for the Qatari Army last year.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Oerlikon's Turreted Laser Gun

In the Rheinmetall Booth the High Energy Laser Weapon derived from a Sky Ranger turret is on display.

Cockerill 3000 Series Turret Revealed

Cockerill introduced their 3000 Series Turret today in IDEX exhibition in Abu Dhabi.

3000  Turret is exhibited on a GD Piranha V 8x8. Turret is armed with a Mk44 30mm gun.

I will write some more details later. Here are some images:

UAE's Brand New 8x8

Today in IDEX'15, Emirates Defense Technology revealed their brand new 8x8 Armored Vehicle with an impressive ceremony.

The 8x8 in the current configuration is armed with a BMP3 turret. BMP3 turret packs an impressive firepower in terms of a 100mm cannon, 30mm autocannon and a 7.62mm machinegun all coaxial.

The vehicle has a Combat Weight of 28 metric tons with a growth potential to 31 tons. 5.5tons of this is taken by the turret.

The vehicle is 8.4 meters long and 2.9m wide. It is powered by a caterpillar engine having 710HP. The vehicle has an impressive top speed of 130km/h on road conditions. 

The 8x8 has all wheel steering capability.

Another impressive feature is the vehicle having 8 seats for dismounts plus the BMP3 turret.