Thursday, June 11, 2015

Stryker Upgunning - Send in Bradleys

On the Upgunning of Strykers

Why is it urgent?

It's been circulating around quite a lot these days on the potential Upgunning of the Styrker 8x8 wheeled armored vehicles with a more lethal weapon system than the .50cal Remote Weapon Stations.

With the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment's Europe Tour fueled with Russia's apparent aggressive policy towards Ukraine and Baltic States, this became a something like a desperate cry.

Stryker being tested with Kongsberg MCT30 30mm Remote Turret

However, Breaking Defense website has a different take on this based on their latest news article.

"Certainly, General Dynamics would like to upgun a much larger portion of the Stryker fleet, with the European vehicles as the leading wedge, and two key committees on the Hill have voted sums in the $371 million to $411 million range, which would surely buy more than 81 upgrades. (The first committee to vote on the matter added a relatively modest $80 million).

There’s also the critical wrinkle that the request from the 2nd Cav came as an Operational Needs Statement (ONS), but not an Urgent Operational Needs Statement (UONS)."

However, the question to be asked is:

Why not send M2 Bradleys??
Thanks Tony...

Bradley's Latest Version M2A3 BUSK

Bradley's Latest Version M2A3 BUSK

The Bradley A3 already has a much more lethal weapon system in the shape of a 25mm Two Man turret with advanced sights for the gunner and commander and fire-control system.

Add in the TOW ATGM missile in the mix, you've got a potent system that's ready to go.

Plus, the Bradley has got a distinctive advantage over the Stryker in terms of protection agains kinetic energy threats (30mm AP Front), RPG and IEDs.

The 2nd Cavalry is no stranger to Bradley as well. They fought with Abrams and Bradleys during the First Gulf War, notably in the famous Battle of 73 Easting. 

Besides, the Bradley is also no stranger to 30mm caliber as well. It's been demonstrated and tested integrated with a Mk44 Bushmaster cannon.

So I cannot help myself but agree on Breaking Defense, but also cannot understand why try to put a big gun on Stryker in a very short time instead of sending in the Bradley?

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ropinlizard said...

Could it be that the Stryker is the "new baby" and those who make decisions are trying to make it cover more roles and/or duties than it was ever intended to do?
The Stryker is touted as the answer to all mechanized warfare and while it isn't a bad platform, it isn't nearly fully developed nor is it a 'universal' platform. The Bradley answers the need they define, but because somebody might make money by changing the Stryker they will probably up-arm the Stryker and put it in harms way where it doesn't belong.