Monday, August 3, 2015

SABER, One Man Turret


SABER One Man Turret
FNSS SABER One Man Turret, 25mm
FNSS of Turkey has recently revealed that their brand new SABER, One-Man Turret has successfully completed firing qualifications.

Development of the SABER turret started in 2013 and is privately funded. The turret was first revealed at IDEX 2015  exhibition in UAE, February 2015.

SABER is a medium caliber one man power operated turret that can be deployed on a wide range wheeled and tracked armored vehicles. SABER turret incorporates the latest technologies in turret drives, fire control, protection and lethality. The compact dimensions and light weight makes SABER a suitable choice for different types of armored vehicles. 

SABER turret offers more than 60% larger internal volume than FNSS’s previous generation one man turret with less than 10% increase in outer envelope dimensions

SABER One Man Turret

The main armament consists of an ATK 25mm M242 Enhanced Bushmaster 25mm dual-feed automatic cannon which is provided with 240 rounds (150+90) of ready-use ammunition. 

A 7.62mm M240 machine gun is mounted coaxially with the M242 cannon on the left hand side of the turret and is provided with 600 ready use ammunition. 

A bank of three 76mm grenade launchers is mounted on both sides of the turret towards the rear. These could also be replaced by grenade launchers of other calibers.

The digital fire control and sighting system includes a 3rd  Generation long wave or mid wave thermal imager, a telescopic day optical channel, unity window for surveillance, an eye safe laser range finder with 8.000m range and ballistic computation capability.

The gun turret drive system is electrical and fully digital with two axis stabilization capability to ensure a high accuracy of fire on the move. The traverse and elevation drives have manual backup capability. Turret traverse is all-electric through 360 degrees, with weapon elevation from -8 to +48 degrees.

SABER 25 One Man Turret

Turret shell is made of all-welded aluminum armor wth add-on composite and steel armour providing ballistic protection to STANAG 4569 Level IV standard.

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Check out FNSS Teber-30,main armament Mk44 30/40mm