Thursday, December 24, 2015

Stryker Upgunning Decided: Kongsberg is the winner!

Kongsberg MCT30 Remote Turret selected for
Stryker Upgunning

Stryker being tested with Kongsberg MCT30 30mm Remote Turret
A press release dated Dec. 21, 2015, Kongsberg announced that:

"General Dynamics Land Systems has notified KONGSBERG that the ’PROTECTOR’ Medium Caliber Remote Weapon Station (MCRWS) has been selected as the 30-millimeter weapon system solution for the Stryker vehicles.
“We are very pleased that our PROTECTOR MCRWS has been selected as the solution for this Stryker brigade. The system is the result of several years of determined effort to develop a system with capabilities and performance required for these types of vehicles,” says Espen Henriksen, President of Kongsberg Protech Systems.
“This is a very important milestone for our newest innovation in this field, the Medium Caliber RWS, and we are honored to support US Army and General Dynamics Land Systems in this urgent operational requirement,” says Walter Qvam, President and CEO of KONGSBERG..."

So it seems the short term competition for the Stryker Upgunning has been decided and Kongsberg wins with the MCT30 Remote Turret. As far as I know OTO Melara was also in the competition with their HitFist OWS 30mm Remote Turret and probably CMI with their CPWS Remote Turret.

The Upgrade program aims at upgunning the Strykers of the Germany based 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment (2ACR) with a more potent/lethal weapon system than the .50cal Remote Weapon Station already integrated on the Strykers. This move leads me to thinking that the Europe based 2nd ACR needs more lethality in preparation to threat scenarios including Russian Forces.

I assume that MCT30 turret is to be armed with the brand new Orbital ATK XM813 30mm with a Linkless Ammunition Feed System from Meggitt with 150 ready rounds in dual ammo boxes on each side of the gun.

XM813 30mm Gun with Linkless Ammo Boxes on Each Side
XM813 30mm Gun with Linkless Ammo Boxes on Each Side

MCT30 is a Remote or Unmanned Turret with the subsystems and ammunition boxes being under armor protection.

There is access to the turret from inside the vehicle thru a hatch under the turret.

Vehicle Interior with MCT30 Turret Integrated
Vehicle Interior with MCT30 Turret Integrated

One thing that I am not so fond of this turret is the way 7.62mm coaxial machine gun is mounted.

7.62mm Machine Gun Installation

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