Wednesday, June 15, 2016

IAI RoBattle UGV

Israel Aerospace industries (IAI) introduces the RoBattle - an unmanned, heavy duty, highly maneuverable combat and support robotic system, at Eurosatory 2016 (13-17 June, Paris, France). The system is designed to be integrated with tactical forces in mobile, dismounted operations and support a wide range of missions including intelligence, surveillance and armed reconnaissance; convoy protection, decoy, and ambush and attack.

SuperAV 8x8

Iveco and BAE Systems USMC 8x8 competition contender:

CV9030 Norwegian - Modernized

In the BAE Systems Hagglunds booth, the Norwegian upgraded CV9030 is exhibited. It is called CV90 C2 variant.

AMV35 Australian LAND400 contender

In the open area, BAE Systems exhibit the AMV35 8x8 of the Australian Land400 program.

Rheinmetall Lynx is an IFV, not a light tank..

It seems the brand new Rheinmetall vehicle is an IFV based on Marder Hull and Lance turret.

I was expecting a light tank, but it seems the configuration displayed is Infantry Fighting Vehicle...

Friday, June 3, 2016

Rheinmetall's New Light Tank

Rheinmetall introduces a New 
Light Tank
in Upcoming Eurosatory

It seems Rheinmetall is revealing a new light tank design in Eurosatory 2016 (Starting June 13th).

The light tank is probably to be called Lynx.

Now I am going to come up with some wild guesses...

Look at the images below that show a Marder IFV. The same colored arrows shows the similarities between a Marder and this Lynx vehicle. 

So I think the Lynx might be based on a Marder hull... But it might also be my imagination..