Monday, February 20, 2017

Paper: Automatic Cannons and Ammunition in Infantry Fighting Vehicles

Author wants express his thanks to MSI Magazine for their support in the preparation and publication of this paper.


coldSTEEL said...

Very nice republished article. Unfortunately, I can't maximize its size. I wonder if you have a downloadable PDF on this? Would be of great help. Thanks!

Warfare Technology said...

Thank you for your nice comments.

There is a "pop out" icon on the top right hand side of the pdf window. You can use that to open the pdf in a new window and you can also download from there.

Gideonic said...

A great article. One small nitpick though. The Norwegian CV9030 is actually clearly also the dutch one ;)

Just take a look at the flag on the front of the hull. Also and the size of the autocannon, the design of the muzzle and compared that to this: