Monday, September 8, 2014

CV90 Combat Engineering Vehicle

CV90 Sting
Combat Engineering Vehicle

CV90 Combat Engineering Vehicle

During 1990's Norway has acquired 104 CV90 vehicles.

Those vehicles are now undergoing major modernization and some new built vehicles is being added to the fleet. At the end of the programme the Norwegian fleet will reach 144 vehicles in five different variants.

One of the new variants is the Combat Engineering Vehicle.

CV90 Combat Engineering Vehicle

The vehicle can be equipped with either a front mine plough or a mine roller system.

There is a Kongsberg Remote Weapon Station RWS on top to provide protection.

CV90 Combat Engineering Vehicle

One of the significant capabilities of this new vehicle is the Robotic Arm to investigate and intervene to IEDs and road side bombs.

CV90 Robotic Arm


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