Monday, September 15, 2014

Polish HSW ZSSW-30 Unmanned Turret

New Entry in the Remote Turrets Arena:
Polish ZSSW-30 Turret
by HSW Company

ZSSW Remote Turret
Copyright: miltechmag

Polish Company Hula Stalowa Wola (HSW for those of us who are cannot spell Polish) has introduced a new remote turret in the MSPO 2014 exhibition. WB Electronics of Poland is the main subcontractor for the electronics architecture.

The turret at this point is designated as ZSSW-30 which is literally 'remote controlled turret' 

There is no specific information at this point about the turret. I am not sure also if this is a functioning prototype or a full scale mockup.

In the exhibition, the turret is mounted on a Polish Rosomak 8x8 (Patria AMV).

The Polish Rosomak 8x8's are currently armed with an Oto Melara HitFist 30mm 2 men turret.

ZSSW Remote Turret
Copyright: miltechmag

ZSSW is armed with an ATK Mk44 30mm chaingun and a UKM-2000C 7.62mm machine gun on the right hand side of the turret. The gunner's sight is located to the left side of the main armament and a panoramic commander's sight can be seen on the top of the turret. The commander's sight seems to be the exact same sight used on Oto Melara's own HitFist OWS Remote Turret.

The turret has an elevation range of from -10deg to 60 degrees.

On the right hand side of the turrets ATGM missiles can be integrated mainly Spike LR missiles.

The information I was able to find says this turret will most probably arm the new Polish IFV programme.

An initial concept of the turret is shown below.

ZSSW initial concept