Friday, June 3, 2016

Rheinmetall's New Light Tank

Rheinmetall introduces a New 
Light Tank
in Upcoming Eurosatory

It seems Rheinmetall is revealing a new light tank design in Eurosatory 2016 (Starting June 13th).

The light tank is probably to be called Lynx.

Now I am going to come up with some wild guesses...

Look at the images below that show a Marder IFV. The same colored arrows shows the similarities between a Marder and this Lynx vehicle. 

So I think the Lynx might be based on a Marder hull... But it might also be my imagination..

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Anonymous said...

Good call. had a detailed walk around and spoke to the track and suspension suppliers at Eurosatory. It is indeed a Marder with rubber track from Diehl and a minor change to provide a hydraulic track tensioner.